Frequently asked questions

Are there fees for surrendering a pet?

When you surrender a pet to Save Animal Rescue the fee is $75. With valid vaccine records the fee can be reduced to $50.

Are there fees for adopting a pet?

Yes, the fee for adopting a dog from Save Animal Rescue is $200; and the fee for adopting a cat from Save Animal Rescue is $100.

Do the pets come spayed/ neutered?

Yes, any pet from Save Animal Rescue will have already been spayed & neutered.

Do the pets come vaccinated?

If you new furbaby is under 6 months they will have their first round of shots. See shot schedule record. For adult dogs they will have received bordatella and rabies vaccination.

Do you allow meet & greets before making a decision?

Yes, you are able to meet your potential forever furbaby before completely committing.

What is the adoption time frame?

Adoptions will typically take 14 days to be finalized.

Are the pets chipped?

Yes, the pet you receive will already be chipped; however, you have to register the chip.

Can I return a pet I no longer want?

You can return a pet if the adoption is no longer working for you. However, you have to allow us 14 business days to retrieve your surrendered pet. There will also be a $50 surrender fee upon returning the pet.